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Four Sammy Davis Jr. films in development

SammyDavisJr.jpgI love the Rat Pack and I love swing, so it's great news that there are four Sammy Davis Jr. films in development at the moment.

One of the films is set to focus on his inter-racial relationship with the actress Kim Novak, a relationship which caused quite a stir at the time. Entitled Sammy and Kim, the film will see music video director Earle Sebastian and rapper Damon Dash team up to helm it. That is perhaps the most worrying news, a music video director bringing the story of a great swing star to the screen, I'm not sure how well that'll work.

Another two films, according to The New York Times and Starpulse News Blog, will be based on the 1965 memoirs written by Sammy Davis Jr. himself. One of these is a documentary and the other is being developed by his widow Altovise Davis.

Finally, there's a film based on his second set of memoirs from 1989 called Why Me? That film is being produced by Craig Zadan and Neil Meron.

All in all it's great news, and I'd love to see some of these films, as long as they feature some authentic songs. However I really do hope that some of these make it through to the big screen and it paves the way to some other films about the Rat Pack. Dean Martin anyone? Frank Sinatra? Perhaps a film of them together?

I'd love that, and they have some excellent impersonators who are playing the characters on stage with the Rat Pack show. I've seen them, and they are fantastic. Let's hope these film versions pick a good Sammy Davis Jr.



an entire generation gives me blank stares when I come up with a rat pack refference. the idea of four films on one member is quite good news. I just hope they don't pull any punches. The group, and Davis jr in particular, are quite flawed and interesting individuals, and I'd love to learn more about ANY of them.

Oh yeah Mogulus, their history is surprisingly dark and very different from their onscreen personas, althouhgh Dean Martin is perhaps the cleanest of them all.


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