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Fox sees life in Halo?

Halo.jpgAlthough the plans for a Halo film are currently on hold, they've moved a step further to reality as 20th Century Fox have signed a deal to be the main merchandising company for the next Halo game.

According to Variety this morning, Fox have signed the deal to handle the worldwide merchandising licensing for Halo, and from their comments this means the third and fourth games

Fox is aiming to launch a broad array of products, from books to apparel to collectible merchandise, in conjunction with the release of "Halo 3" in September. But given the huge popularity of the vidgame series, Dekel said he's confident his division can continue to sell licensed products in the next few years until a fourth "Halo" game comes out.

Now while this isn't film news on its own, when you think about the success of Halo and the timing of the film development, the release and sales of the Halo 3 game might be the point at which studios perk up and think of the film again.

The first attempt at the Halo film didn't go down too well, that was between game releases and at a time when Halo 2 was quite quiet. Actually, I thought Halo 2 had quite a few issues and although it had moments early on, progressing through the game became duller and duller - I've stopped playing it and never completed it.

So perhaps when the third game arrives, and it promises to be a much better game with even more focus on gameplay, we might see the revival of the film idea. After all the studio will see big sales, the appetite for the game and merchandise will be there, and Fox will once again be making a profit from it.



I thought Halo ends with the third game.


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