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Free Hot Fuzz film night in London

HotFuzz.jpgThe Hot Fuzz guys are setting up something incredible in London. If you're a fan of Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and some serious cop action, then the 10th of June is for you. For on that date they will be presenting a three of their favourite cop films through the day which will be wrapped up with a special screening of Hot Fuzz along with a live commentary from them all, including appearances from some of the other stars.

The night promises to be a cracker, here's the line up:

11:00 Hard Boiled
13:45 Last Boy Scout
16:30 Point Break
20:00 Hot Fuzz with live audio commentary from Wright, Pegg, Frost, and cast

Where's this going on? Well Wright has the details himself through CHUD. Oh and Devin, is it true about the accents? If so I'm catching a flight tonight!

Join me at the Prince Charles Cinema on June the 10th for a marathon of hot cop action. Not only will we screen three of our favourite actions films, but you will get to see a totally unique live commentary from myself, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, as well as other special guests from our Bad Bobby opus HOT FUZZ.

And who can argue with the triple whammy of John Woo's classic HARD BOILED, the bruising, hilarious LAST BOY SCOUT and the palpable homo erotic tension of POINT BREAK.

I will be your host for the day, will join you in watching the marathon of bad-assery and will be flinging a few goodies and surprises your way.

Come join. First come, first served. And totally free.

Get there early. The hardcore will be duly rewarded.

Did you catch that? It's free! I can see the queues right now, they are going to be mammoth. If anyone makes it there, we'll be most grateful of a write up of the evening, and if you get any video\audio (not of the films of course) then let me know.



Oh no! There is no way I can get there that early, I'll pass this information to Spaced Out (a website dedicated to fans of Pegg-Frost-Wright and link it to Filmstalker).

Thanks for the heads up Rich! ;)


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