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Freeman to play Mandela

MorganFreeman.jpgMorgan Freeman is set to play Nelson Mandela, and to be honest that's no real surprise when you look at the actor. When I heard that Dennis Haysbert was playiing Mandella in Goodbye Bafana I was quite surprised as I thought it would have been Freeman, although to be fair he does pass more for the older Mandela - no offense intended Mr Freeman!

The film is based on the John Carlin novel The Human Factor: Nelson Mandela and the Game That Changed the World and looks to the time just after the fall of apartheid in South Africa when the country was host to the 1995 Rugby World Cup and Nelson Mandella was in his first term as the President of South Africa. The story comes from Variety.

Morgan Freeman said that the opportunity to play the man was a great honour, it will also mark a great role for him a chance to sink his teeth into a great part too. I'm keen to see Freeman play Mandella, although I'm not so sure that the focus of the film is really the best story to be told. There are the times before Mandela went to prison, the time he spent there, and what happened when he first came out and the continuing struggle against apartheid.

Still, Freeman as Mandela is perhaps the most perfect choice there is, and what a great feeling that must be to play such a famous character in history, especially one that is so relevant to yourself. A career defining moment? A moment of complete terror?



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