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George Hickenlooper turns to CIA terrorism tale

GeorgeHickenlooper.jpgIt's a definite sign that Hollywood is turning to terrorism for a batch of films, now George Hickenlooper, who directed Factory Girl, is to adapt a spy thriller called Morning Spy, Evening Spy based on Colin MacKinnon's novel (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com).

The film tells the story of an aging CIA officer who is assigned to the Middle East during the days leading up to the Twin Towers attack. While he's trying to deal with the heartache of his broken marriage and the death of his son he becomes obsessed with tracking down Osama bin Laden and he comes within inches of Mohammad Atta, the man who organised the 9/11 attacks, just days before they happened.

It sounds an interesting story, but one that just might portray the CIA in a poor light, especially if they were that close to the terrorist and did nothing. However I don't know the story fully so there may be much more to it than that. The announcement comes from Variety.

Which brings me onto the topic of the 9/11 Commission Report, there was going to be a film about that some time ago and we've heard nothing of it, and if there's going to be a story of the failings of the US intelligence services then that has the source material for a script, and it wasn't just the CIA.

Despite the idea of the Hollywood pack mentality when it comes to the release of a new film, I'm fascinated by stories which look into terrorism and the intelligence work to counter them, especially when they are set in such a modern period. I think there are many, many more stories to come from this source before the audience could get bored of them.



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