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G.I. Joe still a go

GIJoe.jpgThere's not a lot of movement on the G.I. Joe film, last we heard was that Skip Woods had written a script that featured the British action figure Action Man, and that wasn't too well received.

According to the Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, there were two versions of the G.I. Joe script and they worked through developing each script.

"We had pursued originally a take on the project written by David Elliot and Paul Lovett, which was put aside for a period of time. And then a second avenue was taken that included Action Man, and that was being written by Skip Woods...

...Skip Woods' draft came and somehow leaked, which is always unfortunate...because Skip had literally, from the day he finished his contract to the day that draft came in, seven weeks [to complete it] because of the timeline that was being required by the overall deal. So, it has been judged in some circles, I think, harshly, and I think unfortunately like all creative processes it was just the very beginning of it. And I know that Skip is working hard on his next draft and is going to nail it."

Di Bonaventura compares the process of bringing G.I. Joe to the big screen like that of the Transformers film that he's been Producing, he says through UK IGN.

"Snake-Eyes and Scarlett, Nemesis and Destro and Cobra and Duke and Heavy Duty: These guys have to be rendered as characters that the fan base recognizes and loves, and in a way that the movie can deliver a cool experience that you want to relate to. And that's an evolutionary process. I'd like to think I get it more right than wrong, so I'm hoping we're going to get it right this time."

So we're still going to get to see a G.I. Joe film after all, well if Woods turns in a good script. Frankly I couldn't really care, I don't see the attraction, it sounds like a Jean Claude Van Damme film or something. Not for me, can anyone explain the attraction?



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