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Goyer on Invisible Man sequel

DavidGoyer.jpgAfter The Invisible, David Goyer looks set to take on another see through film as it is announced today that he will write and direct a new adaptation of The Invisible Man.

The story will be based on the H.G. Wells classic, a story that has been seen on film and TV in various guises. The version that David Goyer is set to create seems to be something of a sequel to that. It will focus on nephew of the original Invisible Man who discovers his uncle's formula. He, of course, takes it and is then recruited by MI5, the British intelligence agency, for secret missions during World War II.

Well I don't necessarily agree with Goyer's comments in Variety that the story is "ripe for reimagining", it is a great story, but it has been really well covered to date and I'm not sure if this idea really is far enough apart from the stories that have been told to make it stand apart and bring the audience something new.

Is there space with you for a new Invisible Man film? Can you see any clarity in this?



hmm, this could be interesting if it focuses on the character and what he goes through from an emotional and mental aspect.

if it heads towards the "hollow man" formula then its going straight to dvd.

I agree with you both. This storyline resembles doesn't really excite me however, it does resemble an existing comic book series I've been following about a stealth agent who works for the CIA codenamed HITLESS. I've downloaded the first two issue which are free and produced for (ipods and psp's) and I have to say, this story is much more entertaining and seems better fit for a movie. I've included the url below.


The graphics are amazing!


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