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Green Street Director for Punisher 2?

ThomasJane.jpgThe rumour that Punisher 2 has found a Director is strange indeed, especially since Thomas Jane has officially removed himself from the sequel.

I had thought I had written about Thomas Jane signing him off from the sequel, but obviously not. He had written quite despondant words about leaving the film, but it did seem pretty firm and final. So the rumour from Dark Horizons through Moviehole that a director is onboard is a bit surprising.

According to the rumour Lexi Alexander is set to direct, she's the woman who directed the very powerful Green Street (Filmstalker review), a film about English Football hooliganism.

If this is true then could we see Thomas Jane reconsidering and returing to The Punisher 2? I would think that he might well do it, after all Lexi Alexander would be a great choice. However, do you think she'd really give a comic book adaptation a go, and a sequel at that?



I remain hopeful.


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