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Gripping Vantage Point trailer online

DennisQuaid.jpgThe trailer for Vantage Point is here, and I am utterly stunned. I honestly can't remember the last time I watched a trailer and was genuinely feeling the tension, excitement and anticipation for a story such as here.

Most times I can think of I watch a trailer and make a judgement. Sometimes I'll see a particular scene and think "wow, that looks good", nowadays because of the effects or scale. I honestly can't remember the last time when I looked at a trailer and was so hyped up I watched it again. Not only that but I was repeating "oh my god" afterwards. Perhaps I've hyped this up too much already, but honestly, this trailer is stunningly good.

Vantage Point is one of the many ensemble films due our way, it boasts a superb cast with such names as Dennis Quaid, Forest Whitaker, William Hurt, Sigourney Weaver, Eduardo Noriega and Matthew Fox - yes, there's a reason I put him after all those names. In IMDB he's listed as the top starrer, but these other actors have many more excellent performances under their belt, not detracting from Fox but he's not the top biller just because he's Lost right now. The line up looks excellent though, and Quaid and Hurt look superb in the trailer.

Anyway, the film is about the assassination of the President, live on TV during a public event. Eight different people see the assassination, and they all hold a little piece of the puzzle. The film looks at these viewpoints and pulls the story together for us piece by piece, and as the stunning trailer promises, it reveals twist after twist as it goes.

I honestly can't get through to you how exciting this trailer looks, and if the film is anywhere near as good then we're looking at one hell of a film. I'm urging you to go and watch this trailer today. If you're going to watch nothing else, watch this trailer.

You can see the trailer for Vantage Point over at MSN Video [WMV:Embed] through Rope of Silicon. What do you think?



Wow i see what you mean it looks amazing, loads of action and twists in that for sure and so many good actors in it as well. But it's not out until February 2008? Thats so unfair i want to see it now.


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