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Haden Church joins Bullock

SandraBullock.jpgI wrote about the latest Sandra Bullock film All About Steve before, a film that is another romantic comedy to add to the long list of romantic comedies that her career has settled into. Now we hear that Thomas Haden Church is in negotiations to star alongside her.

Sandra Bullock will play a crossword constructor who has one date with a CNN cameraman and decides that he is the one for her. While he is flying everywhere to do his cameraman job, she chases after him and, well, stalks him, trying to convince him that they should be together. She seems to fail in that however and ends up with some group of misfits.

Actually it sounds more like a psychological thriller than anything else! Still, I can't believe that Bullock is continuing her career on these films when she's had so many great performances. I know I keep saying this, but 28 Days or Crash (Filmstalker review) are perhaps the best examples of what she really can do.

However it's even more surprising that Church is heading for this role too. Maybe there is something more in it than Yahoo News has to date.



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