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Highlander: The Source gets recut

AdrianPaul.jpgI was just wondering today what had happened to Highlander: The Source, that next installment of the rapidly fading Highlander series, and tonight I find out.

I had been looking at upcoming films for a regular write up I'm going to be doing in my work magazine (yes, I have a real job too!) and I caught that Highlander: The Source is set to come out in the UK on August the 19th with the US following in September and that's it. Well from all accounts that date could be thrown out the window.

Over at Moviehole Clint has read my mind and discovered that there's a new cut of the film being prepared because, well, the film isn't that good.

According to Adrian Paul, the current Highlander, on his own website, the producers have decided to go back to the film and edit it once more.

"From what I understand, the next cut of the film has been substantially modified. There will be a lot of different things that will show it in another light. Dialogue removed and replaced. Scenes cut a different way. Some of the effects have been added and changed. However, I can tell you that there will not be any scenes that have been reshot."

Well that's another cut ad the film has been completed for some time. The short clip that appeared online for the film did look rather interesting and had some nice effects, but overall I'm not so sure how great this film is going to be.

The series has been fading since the second film came out, and although it has had ups and downs, it has never really regained the power of that first film. I think that's because it keeps going back to the same premise and went back on the ending of the first film. He defeated all the Immortals at the end of the film received the knowledge and the gift of mortality.



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