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His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass behind the scenes footage

TheGoldenCompass.jpgThere's some great footage online for His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass. This shows a lot of behind the scenes footage and some of the process of filming.

There are a few scenes where we see the raw set footage, the director's view and the final footage, giving us a glimpse of the changes in the picture through the process.

There's also a few shots of the different stars involved, from the young Dakota Blue Richards to Daniel Craig, Nicole Kidman, Eva Green and Sam Elliot.

It's all looking very good, visually that is, how it holds together with the reworked story is something we'll have to wait for. One thing is sure, this is going to be one visual feast of a film, could it be a good start to the His Dark Materials franchise?

Here's the behind the scenes.

The footage comes from YouTube through /Film.



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