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Hitchcock's The Lodger for remake

AlfredHitchcock.jpgAlfred Hitchcock remakes are starting to pick up in Hollywood, and the latest is his early film called The Lodger. It's a remake of Hitchock's film of the same name about a serial killer not unlike that of Jack the Ripper.

David Ondaatje is set to write, direct and produce this remake, and instead of heading directly for the classic Hitchcock film version, he's going to turn to the novel by Marie Belloc Lowndes also called The Lodger (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) which was the inspiration for Hitchcock's original.

Of course, according to Variety, Sony and he are going to update the story with it being set in modern day Los Angeles and it will focus on a copycat murderer.

What is surprising is that David Ondaatje is taking on so much so early on in his career. Interestingly one of his previous short films is called Waiting for Dr. MacGuffin, MacGuffin being a term coined by Hitchcock for an item within a story that acts as the thread pulling it altogether that doesn't really have a strong significance other than to focus the story. Pulp Fiction had the briefcase.

Well it's another Hitchcock remake, and you have to admit so far Hollywood have been careful and are remaking very early, and not so classic films from his career, all except The Birds. However that film could certainly be updated. Out of them all though, this sounds like it has the strongest chance of being something original.

The novel and the film were quite different, so if this film is returning to the source material then the connection with Hitchcock might seem somewhat distant.



This is one of the few of his films that could do a nice remake.


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