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Hitman trailer online

Hitman.jpgWell the Hitman trailer is now online, and it is a great story that could make the transition from videogame to film easily. It's very cinematic anyway and the idea has been explored in film in various ways before, so why won't it work? Except the initial impressions aren't so good.

Unfortunately earning a living is getting in the way of me seeing it at the moment, so I'm leaving it up to you readers to tell me what it's like. You've got a chance to see it before me, so get in there quick!

The trailer has been released on JoBlo [FLash:Embed], and it's time to see if the film can live up to the expectations.

Actually I lied. As I'm writing this I can watch the trailer on my low version IE at work, although I can't hear the sound. The visuals look really good, and there's bags of style, yet for me Timothy Olyphant just isn't quite there for the character, I still believe that Jason Statham was the man for the part.

However there are other positives we don't see in the trailer, and one of them is Dougray Scott. Where has that man been, apart from plugging Orange in UK cinemas?

Well done to JoBlo for getting the exclusive and one that works on my work PC! Now you need to go and have a look for yourself then come back and tell us what you think - is it really looking close to the videogame? More importantly is it going to make a good film, and is Timothy Olyphant Agent 47?

Here's an update, JoBlo have been asked to remove the video by Fox because it looks as though IGN were supposed to have the exclusive - oops. Mind you, who cares who breaks it, it's good to spread the exclusives around.

Anyway, the video is over at UK IGNIGN [Flash:Embed:QT:WMV] right now and is downloadable in Quicktime too.



Totally agree with you on that Jason should have gotten the role this guy looks to young and baby faced. Hitman is rough and rugged. but will see the movie anyway as I loved the game.

From what I've seen it looks good. Looks like it has the same tone as the games. Well it feels that way. There's something about Timothy Olyphant though, that just doesn't fit the role for me.

Just have to wait and see I suppose.

With all due respect to your opinions, Jason Statham is the most predictable and boring choice for the role of Hitman. Besides the fact that Statham doesn't have the personality of the character in the game whatsoever, he's already done somewhat similar roles to this countless times already.

People seem to only say him and Vin Diesel because they're bald.

Olyphant is going to be awesome in this, and as somebody who has played through and beaten every Hitman game, I'm PUMPED!

I'm comic book movied out at the moment, I can't even muster enthusiasm for Ironman which looks like the most prestigious CBM release in some time.

That being said, I just loved Olyphant in Deadwood, he kicks all sorts of unholy ass as Sheriff Bullock in that town.

Those awful rotating/panning/gliding text titles (which annoyed me in the Spiderman trailers too) are irksome and the film gives off a huge EQULIBRIUM B-film vibe. This could be good or band, but it doesn't look 'great' by a long stretch.

"Besides the fact that Statham doesn't have the personality of the character in the game whatsoever"

What personality? Okay, I've not played all the games but I didn't think there was much of a personality to the character of an engineered hitman.

I definitely don't pick Statham because he's bald, I pick him because he embodies the character of the Hitman to me.

Mike, I think you've got a good point there. Olyphant's face does look very fresh and he doesn't quite fit the character on that side either.

Color me underwhelmed.

Agreeing with Kurt about the Windows Text screensaver type rocking boat text, it's a bit old & irritates.

Timothy, may be okay, only time will tell, what perhaps concerns me more is that I see explosions, ofcourse this doesnn't make it bad, but i fear a lack of subtlety in the kill mode. That said the moment in the rest room where he puts a gun to the other guys head, nice.


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