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Hollywood to remake Håfström films

MikaelHafstrom.jpgMikael Håfström, who has directed Derailed (Filmstalker review) and 1408 for English speaking audiences had a strong career before he came to Hollywood, and now Hollywood are intent on remaking it for him, and he's not keen on getting involved.

In a recent interview he let out that three of his award-winning films will be getting the Hollywood remake, but that he won't be directing them. He said that Strandvaskaren (The Drowning Ghost) and Ondskan (Evil) and Kopps (Cops) are all going to get the remake treatment - the first two films are horrors while the third is a comedy.

"I don't think that there is anything that is different really about scaring an American audience or a Swedish audience, and I'm happy that Drowning Ghost and Evil, for example, have had a good reactions from American audiences...Maybe in humor there is a difference in what cultures laugh at, but as a very general rule, what is scary works everywhere, and the cultural differences are not necessarily a problem...

...I don't know if there's much that can be added to what I did, so I don't really want to do it again"

In the interview at Sci-Fi Wire Mikael Håfström also says that he makes his films for himself, not for a specific audience in mind.

Strandvaskaren is a story you might think you've seen in western cinema already. A hundred years ago three students were brutally murdered at a boarding school and their murderer drowned himself in the lake, his body never found. A hundred years later and a student discovers some new facts from the event that cast a question across a well respected family. Meanwhile students are once again starting to go missing.

Onskan looks at psychological cruelty amongst pupils in a boarding school and was nominated for the foreign language Oscar.

Kopps is slightly different in that he only co-wrote the film, and it's also a comedy about a small town police force that is being threatened with closure, so to keep themselves going, they raise their own crime statistics.

To remake or not to remake. New audiences, new chances, and yet such recent material...I can feel this weeks feature coming on.



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