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Hostel: Part II high quality internet download released

EliRoth.jpgAccording to reports Hostel: Part II has made it onto the Internet and those download sites. Now usually that's nothing too surprising as most anticipated films, and a lot which aren't, get onto the Internet early, but usually they are terrible quality. This one isn't, it's a studio quality version, and someone is going to pay.

Can you imagine doing this to Eli Roth's film that depicts some sick minded torture? Wouldn't you be a bit scared of being caught? Well whoever has grabbed hold of this isn't, and they have probably given the film a bit of a jolt at the box office but nothing worth worrying about.

I still don't believe it will be that much of a hit, despite the story over at CHUD, even if it is a high quality version, but it still might feel a little pinch. Even if it doesn't the studio are going to be rather annoyed about this one, and it's not Johnny sitting at home on his computer to blame, oh no, it's someone in your own house.

I wonder if they will be as harsh on them as they are on joe public being caught downloading a few films or songs? Well they have a week to go before the release, so the studio and Eli Roth must be mad as hell.

I'll still be heading to the cinema to see Hostel: Part II, regardless of the high quality bootlegged version out there.



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