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I, Robot sequel from Galactica writer

IRobotAudi.jpgIn an interview released today on the Interflabby, Ronald D. Moore has revealed that he's writing a sequel to the film I, Robot starring Will Smith and all those product placements.

Oh, and if you didn't know who Ronald D. Moore is, he's one of the writers on the amazing Battlestar Galactica, so he has a lot to offer any script that comes his way.

However I just can't feel excited about this one. A sequel to the classic Isaac Asimov story I, Robot that is there to question what humanity is and how we define it. That idea has already been diluted by the big action film starring Will Smith, and creating a sequel to it just doesn't seem to offer anything new.

Actually I can see something in the sequel news from Collider through Coming Soon, but only if you forget about Asimov and the original story and think solely of the I, Robot film.

No, there is something more, and it all comes from Moore himself. The magic he and his team worked on Battlestar Galactica just might bring something incredible to this sequel that on the surface of things doesn't really have anywhere to go.

What's equally as interesting is that he's working on the remake of John Carpenter's classic The Thing, and bringing that script to life. He's tackling two projects that seem almost impossible to top, and yet we all thought the same of the Battlestar Galactica remake didn't we?



I don't like this either, despite the BG writer's involvment. Although let's be honest, until we hear more this hard to judge.

by the way, this is by far the best review of I,Robot ever written:

http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=i_robot - hilarious and spot on


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