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Iggy Pop film in doubt

ElijahWood.jpgA while ago it was rumoured that Elijah Wood was set to play Iggy Pop in a biographical film about his earlier years. Today the famed singer has said that he has been impressed by Wood's performances but reveals that the film might not get made.

"We have no agreement yet to even do the film. The producers have got big mouths and keep jumping the gun…I think Elijah's a very good actor though. If he can play a hobbit then he should be able to play me."

The quote comes from XFM through Digital Spy.

It's hardly a glowing comment, but it does sound like the film isn't that close to getting made. If the man himself is saying that it is all talk right now then there really is some doubt about it.

There are quite a number of musical biographies being set up just now, I'm just now sure if they'll all be that interesting. Perhaps Iggy Pop's early years may be wild and crazy enough for a big screen version. Although I'm still not sure about Elijah Wood becoming the singer.



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