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Indiana Jones IV first picture of Indy

IndianaJonesIV.jpgThe first picture of the older Indiana Jones has gone online, and while it shows us nothing more than Harrison Ford in the old get up, there is something rather magical about it.

Seeing Ford in the old getup just brings it all back, and it's a great feeling, there's a sense of nostalgia and of being transported back to my youth. Now we have to hope Harrison Ford is for all the action sequences, and that he can pick up from that mumbling style he carries into every film. Let's see the old Indy back with a bang.

You can see the full picture, which is well worth seeing if you're an Indiana Jones fan and are waiting to see this latest outing in the still officially untitled Indiana Jones IV, you can catch the full picture over at Indiana Jones: Community through Premiere Movie News.

However, nostalgia for a character through an outfit and a picture do not a great film make. I'm still concerned about all the script issues in the past and the alien story we're faced with. Hopefully it won't get too cheesy and that we can trust in some of the great names behind this story to keep the others straight. Fingers crossed.




Go Indiana!

This photo... this pic is just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

I almost cry. Harrison looks so great!!!!

This man is sooooooooooooooo sexy!!! Why hey the older men of this world!!! I named my son after him!!!

You named your son Indiana or Harrison? ;)


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