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Indiana Jones IV first set footage teases

IndianaJonesIV.jpgFilming has begun on Indiana Jones IV, and I have to admit I'm starting to feel little twinges at the thought. Particularly at the Quicktime video of the first day of shooting.

It started with that set photo of Harrison Ford in the Indy outfit, and seeing Steven Spielberg's speech, his directing and the old cars, all took me back. Perhaps there could be something special in this after all? Maybe the oldies can pull it off one more time.

Have a look at the footage from the first day over at Indiana Jones: Community through Cinema Blend and see what you think. It is short and there's not that much of the actual film, but the magic just might be there. Is it?



I was totally taken aback when i read this article as i never imagined Indiana Jones would grace our screens again, So i whizzed over to the site link to have a look at the footage from the first day, not much to look at yet but i can't help getting excited at the prospect of a new indiana jones film. Really hope that Harrison Ford can pull this off. I shall be waiting with baited breath for this to be released.....

Nice to see Steven and George working together again!


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