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International Indian Film Academy Awards in Yorkshire

IIFAAward.jpgWho would have thought that Yorkshire would be the focus of one of the biggest film industries around, but the homeland of my mate Lee is currently hosting the four day International Indian Film Academy Awards, sometimes ungratiously referred to as the Bollywood Oscars.

I say ungratiously because Bollywood is something distinct in its own right and doesn't need comparison with the Hollywood Oscars for a reference. For example, according to Hello Magazine, the awards will be watched by some 500 million people worldwide, Holly-what?

The awards are set to take place in Sheffield, Leeds, Bradford, York and Hull, and the events started yesterday with the awards being presented on Saturday. It's amazing to think that Yorkshire is home to these awards this year, but not that surprising when you realise that the UK is the second biggest market for Indian films.

According to Variety there are screenings and parties galore, including a cricket match with some top stars. There's a world premiere of Hasnain S. Hydrabadwala's The Train as well as the UK premiere of the new version of the BAFTA nominated Rang De Basanti from Rakesh Omprakash Mehra.



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