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Invasion pictures online

TheInvasion.jpgThere's some pictures online from the "it's not a remake of The Body Snatchers" The Invasion, and they aren't really earth shattering, but the poster is pretty spooky.

The stills aren't really exciting me that much, and I'm not over the concerns about the ending being reshot by James McTeigue when Oliver Hirschbiegel had completed the film. I'm certain that time will bring out Hirschbiegel's original cut, until then I can't really raise much excitement about it.

I'm not saying I know his version is better, it's just that the interest will be comparing the two versions, just like the Exorcist prequels.

The stills come from Movie-infos.de through Bloody Disgusting.

Is there any excitement out there for The Invasion? Even with Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig and Jeremy Northam on board?



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