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Is Shatner really mad at Star Trek?

WilliamShatner.jpgThe story that William Shatner is angry that he's not getting a cameo in the new Star Trek film is all over the interflab, and I was holding off commenting on it until something a little more concrete emerged, mainly because the sounds a little odd.

Well stars are odd you might argue, and their egos can often control their emotions. Yet everything I've read from William Shatner suggests that he wouldn't be that bothered about appearing in the latest Star Trek film, as much as he wasn't interested in appearing in the others without him.

I first saw the story somewhere on the rumour filled WENN through Starpulse News Blog (I no longer have the direct story links hence no link through) but since then it has been gaining weight and momentum and appearing in other sites and even some newspapers.

The word is that he's furious because Leonard Nimoy has been cast in the film and he hasn't. Shatner's manager however refutes the claim. He says he's not angry and has no idea about the story.

I don't think he would be that angry about it, he strikes me as a very pragmatic person these days. I'm sure he has better things to do than appear in a cameo in a new Star Trek film, he sounded very pragmatic about it back when it as first announced. He's never sounded as though he really wanted to do it, or it was an overriding need in the Star Trek franchise or his life.

The word that Leonard Nimoy is in and he isn't I find even stranger. I can't think of a scenario that this would work - actually I can't think of a scenario or a need to bring either back - unless it's Spock sitting down and recounting the past to someone and we have a big film flashback. Frankly, that sounds like a poor plot device to me, not an option of J.J. Abrams. Still I could be wrong.

What do you think of the rumour? Would you rather see Nimoy and Shatner in or out, together or separate?



I agree. Knowing Shatner, I highly doubt he gives a rat's ass one way or the other.

As for them in the film, I don't care myself. There are oodles of scenarios that could bring one or both of them back, but neither is necessary for the film to work (thugh it might not be totally UNnecessary either).

As much as I love Shatner in ALL his endeavors, I don't need to see him here, but if he is there.. great.

Shatner is a showman. He and Nimoy are the biggest egos in this planet. Still. I buy the story. And to say more, it adds more to him.

We all know Stan Lee is a son of **** but we admire him. These men can´t be otherwise, I guess. It´s part of the show.


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