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It Came From the West gets three film deal

ItCameFromtheWest.jpgA little while ago I saw It Came From the West (Filmstalker review), a puppet zombie western in Danish. Yes it sounds like none of it could work, and yet it has, and fantastically too.

Well the great news is that it has secured s deal that will see it made into three feature length films. Now I can hardly believe there could possibly be three, but that's the word.

The short film is actually a horror comedy, and there's bags of both, until you've seen a puppet zombie chainsawed to death you haven't seen anything. I assure you it is superb fun.

According to the story in Twitch it already the first film has a name, ZOMBIEWESTERN - The Legend Of The Dark Butcher.

I'm dying to see it after catching the short, and if you want some evidence of just how good it is have a look at the Filmstalker review and see the trailer that's embedded there.

Otherwise head over to the official site to read more about it and even support the upcoming feature by buying a T-Shirt or the full short on DVD.



I remember you raving about it and actually quite enjoyed it.


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