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Izzard joins Valkyrie

EddieIzzard.jpgThe cast of Bryan Singer's Valkyrie has just added another name to the list, and this one is a little bit of a surprise. Eddie Izzard has signed to appear.

We already knew that Bill Nighy, Tom Wilkinson and Stephen Fry were involved, that Carice van Houten was signed, and that the lead was to be played by Tom Cruise.

The announcement comes from Variety and marks another great move for the comic star who has been seen more and more in TV and film producing some really strong dramatic performances.

Eddie Izzard is a great talent, both in comedy and in drama. What is amazing though is that he is showing as much talent in his serious acting as he is with his comedy, and although I don't want him to stop being hilarious on stage, I do want to see more of this stuff, serious, meaty roles.

Are you an Izzard fan? Comedy or acting, or are you a fan of both? Bryan Singer is gathering a superb cast for Valkyrie. I'm really starting to get excited by the project, the strong cast, the great Director, and the writing talent of Christopher McQuarrie.



Can't get enough of Eddie.


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