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Jakubisko counters Delpy's virgin blood countess

JulieDelpy.jpgA little while ago I wrote about the Julie Delpy film about Elizabeth Bathory, The Countess, the woman who bathed in virgin's blood, well now it appears there's another one in development, Bathory, and this one stars Anna Friel and promises to be an epic tale.

While Julie Delpy's film seems to be concentrating on the woman and the myth behind her - Delpy has said in a few interviews that the stories may be misrepresentations of the woman, created by her enemies in order to discredit her and gain access to her huge wealth - it seems that this new film will be much more epic in stature.

According to Variety through Bloody Disgusting, Juraj Jakubisko is the man behind this tale of the Hungarian noblewoman who reportedly murdered virgin women just to bathe in their blood and try and retain her youth. His film, which has just completed editing, will show her from age ten until her death at forty-five.

While Delpy's film carries a mere US$6.6million budget, Jakubisko's is around $14.5million and includes big battle sequences, over twenty castle and manor house locations with a hundred and twenty speaking characters and thousands of extras.

It does sound like it will be a much more epic tale, but will that make it better? Jakubisko's film sounds similar to Delpy's in the portrayal of the woman, but I'm sure that Delpy's will be much more focused on the character of the woman and the myths surrounding her life. It'll be interesting to see which turns out better.



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