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Jim Carrey in darkly comic prison love con film

JimCarrey.jpgNow that's a title! Let me explain. Jim Carrey has signed up for an interesting performance that is sure to give him something to get his acting teeth into. He's going to be playing a prisoner who realises he's gay and ends up in love with his cellmate.

Sounds a strange story indeed, but it is based on a novel by Steve McVicker (Amazon.com / Amazon.co.uk) which is apparently based on fact. The film, entitled I Love You Phillip Morris, is being described by Variety as a dark comedy and being directed by the guys who wrote Bad Santa, Glenn Ficarra and John Requa.

Jim Carrey will be playing Steven Russell, a father and husband who is also a conman. He is put in prison for one of his crimes and while there he falls in love with his cellmate. However his cellmate is released and Russell decides to break out and head after him, something he allegedly did four times.

The most interesting part of the story though are the ways he escaped from jail and his conman abilities. He once faked having a terminal case of AIDS, and after several months of illness faked his own death certificate and escaped that way. He even escaped from prison and walked into a six figure salaried position as a CEO, not once but twice.

Now suddenly the story comes alive from comedy values to something more. What do you think? Sounds interesting now, and Carrey suits this kind of role perfectly. I just wonder how much comedy is going to be injected to the story with the Bad Santa guys there?



Not my cup of tea.



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