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Jodie Foster's The Brave One trailer online

JodieFoster.jpgJodie Foster rocks. She's a stunning actress who really doesn't do enough films, and when she does her performance tends to stay in our memory whatever the film is like. Now she's starring in The Brave One and the trailer is online, and it's probably the second best trailer we're going to see today.

The Brave One see's Jodie Foster playing the wife of a Doctor played by Naveen Andrews. One night while walking their dog in the park they are attacked. Her husband dies because of the injuries he sustains, and she manages to cling on to life, however she's a changed person.

Struggling with the pain of losing her husband, and the feeling of being powerless and helpless, she fights to find the strength to keep going. In the process she begins to fight back and finds that standing up soon leads to attack.

The trailer looks really powerful, with Terrence Howard playing a cop that looks set to try and track the vigilante down, while Jodie Foster looks like she's going to deliver a power performance of emotion. I'm really excited for this film, mainly for Foster, I really can't get enough of her on screen.

You can see the trailer in large Quicktime or large Windows Media, or if you want varying degrees of smaller trailers, head over to AICN who have all the links.

So Foster, Howard and Andrews in a very tense and morally strong thriller, filled with emotion and directed by Neil Jordan? I'm in.



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