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Joe Wright heads to Jamie Foxx's next

JoeWright.jpgThe British Director Joe Wright has dropped his plan to bring Patrick Hamilton's play Gaslight to the big screen in favour of a film with Jamie Foxx about schizophrenia and homelessness.

Joe Wright has recently directed the excellent Pride & Prejudice as well as the adaptation of Ian McEwan's novel Atonement, both starring Keira Knightley and other big name stars.

Wright is both amusing and brutally honest in his comments through The Guardian.

"I tried to adapt Gaslight in a contemporary setting but couldn't make it work...In retrospect, attempting to modernise it was fairly stupid - it's called Gaslight, for Christ's sake."

Fair enough, there's nothing you can really come back with on that one. The Jamie Foxx film he's off to direct has little information about it at the moment. What is interesting though is that Working Title are producing, they worked with Wright on his previous two films and are obviously backing him as a strong director, and who's going to complain with those two films behind him?



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