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John Krasinski for Fletch Won?

JohnKrasinski.jpgCould it be that the previous story of Joshua Jackson replacing Zach Braff on Fletch Won might be a bit premature? It seems it might be as reports are in that John Krasinski has read the script and his name is in the running.

According to John Krasinski himself...

"My name was tossed around a little bit for the role, and it's something that (I might consider)...

...I read the script, and it is hilarious. It's just one of those things that is so terrifying, to step up and be in a role that was done so perfectly.

I mean, Chevy Chase not only created that role, but he did it pretty damn well. So (playing that character) is a scary situation. I don't know what's going on with it right now, but I am sure whoever does it will be fantastic. You just have to have some guts to do that."

Did it pretty damn well? Hey that'a an understatement and a half isn't it? Well it sounds like he's in the running, as the story from WENN through Hollywood.com carries his very own comments.

You know it's a good story but is he really up for the role in Fletch Won, and has he done anything that could be considered in the same realm of comedy? Ah yes, the US version of The Office. Up against Joshua Jackson, who would win? Who should win?



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