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Kevin Smith talks porno and horror films

KevinSmith.jpgKevin Smith has been talking about his new comedy film and his soon to be developed horror, although details on the horror are light, the comedy sounds interesting, and the title gives you the direction it's going in, Zack and Miri Make a Porno.

The "friends make a porno" idea has seen a couple of fruitions through the last few years, including the British film I Want Candy (Filmstalker review), but Kevin Smith's take on it has a different slant. Zack and Miri Make a Porno tells the story of two school friends Zack and Miri, strangely enough, who meet at the fifteen year reunion having accomplished little with their lives. They discover that they are both struggling for cash, and during the conversation they hit on the bizarre idea of making a porno.

Smith talks to the Los Angeles Times through Coming Soon and says:

"It's … dirty, with nudity," says Smith. "But funny nudity, not gratuitous nudity."

On his own site he writes a little more about the topic subject and says:

"It's funny, bawdy, sexy, dirty, titillating (emphasis on the tit) and dripping with heart."

One of the Producers goes onto dispell any thought of comparisons with other films, other than of the obvious overall plot.

"The only thing they have in common is that non-porn people want to make a porn movie. The circumstances, jokes and characters are completely different."

Well it sounds like staple ground for him, nothing too stretching, so it's perhaps with greater relish that I look forward to his horror project Red State.

...the politically charged screenplay, about outsiders who stumble into "fundamentalism gone to the extreme" in Middle America, a naturalistic, drive-in feel. "Horror is more than a dude with a chain saw,"

Now that really does sound interesting, and definitely different. The news is that Rosario Dawson is set to read the script this week, and with its viewing being very tightly controlled it could be construed as quite positive for her being offered a role, if she wants it.

What I'm surprised about is how fixated Smith is on other people's opinions. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad thing and shows that he's just a normal bloke like the rest of us, concerned about how he is perceived and not being thought negatively of. Yet on his site he talks quite a bit about the comparison of this film to other projects.

The comparison is, I think, just a natural thing and shouldn't concern the creatives on a project, after all comparisons of two line blurbs from two separate hour and a half films should be taken for what they are, blurb comparisons. If someone or a site wants to base their judgement of an entire piece of work on that short blurb comparison then more fool them I say.



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