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La Vie En Rose UK trailer

LaVieEnRose.jpgThe UK trailer for La Môme (La Vie En Rose) is right here in various formats and sizes for you to see. This is slightly different to the original trailer I posted a few months back.

The film is the story of the legendary singer Edith Piaf and is directed by Olivier Dahan.

You can see the UK trailer right here, but is it that different from the previous one?

La Vie en Rose UK Trailer
Quicktime: High, Medium and Low
Realplayer: High, Medium and Low
Windows Media Player: High, Medium and Low



So looking forward to this one, do we have a release date yet Rich?

No UK date as yet, here's what we know so far:

Japan 19 October 1949
USA 2 December 1949 (New York City, New York)
Sweden 16 September 1950
Denmark 12 March 1959 (TV premiere)

What?! Youre giving me dates like 1949, 1950 Richard!

Oh you mean the new one?! Haha!

I thought for a minute how can I possibly go back in time! :P


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