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Latifah wants Steve Martin for All of Me remake

QueenLatifah.jpgQueen Latifah has been talking about the remake of All of Me, that classic comedy starring Lily Tomlin and Steve Martin, and it appears that Latifah wants Martin to return to the role he first played.

The original story tells how a dying millionairess whose soul falls into that of her lawyer, and she finds herself sharing a man's body. Comedy ensues, and actually it did too, I remember it being a very funny film. Now the remake wants to pitch Queen Latifah against Steve Martin, and there are a number of ways it could go.

Latifah says that as yet the tension between the characters hasn't been decided on as yet, whether it will be race, conservative against liberal, or any other conceivable option. Latifah says that she's hearing lots of pitches from writers who are all offering different pitches.

She also says, over at MTV Movies Blog, that she would love to star alongside Martin in the film and that he could definitely do it, it's just that he doesn't know about it, he hasn't even heard about it as far as she knows.

Oh I think he knows about it, he just doesn't seem that interested. After all he's busy remaking the classic Pink Panther films, and disasterously so too.

Frankly I think she'd be better off with another actor, and even then I doubt this is going to be such a good film. The original was great, and wonderfully conceived. I'm not so sure this one is.



I hate to say it, but I despised the original. I seriously doubt any good can come of a remake...


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