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License To Wed trailer with Robin Williams

RobinWilliams.jpgLicense To Wed is a film I haven't really heard about before now, which is surprising as it stars Robin Williams returning to his comic form...we hope anyway. You can judge for yourself as the trailer is now online.

License To Wed stars Robin Williams as a the family priest of Sadie Jones, played by Mandy Moore, and before she marries Ben Murphy, played by John Krasinski, they must pass his own very special marriage-prep course, a ridiculous invention indeed. This, of course, leads to hilarious moments and comic circumstances, once again we hope.

You can see for yourself by heading over to the official site [Flash:Embed] for the film and watching the trailer. Could this contain some great comic moments from Williams?



I have to tell you that I'm a bit concerned about this one. As much as I like Mandy Moore and Williams....this doesn't look good. Even Moore's cuteness can't get me interested. I have a feeling this is going to flop.


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