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Lions for Lambs trailer for US and Canada only

RobertRedford.jpgI wasn't going to post this trailer for Lions for Lambs, mainly because I am thoroughly fed up with the practice of excluding trailers from those territories outside the US and Canada, trailers that will appear elsewhere totally unrestricted.

It's not a practice that is restricted to certain trailers either, it's everything from Moviefone and MTV, and yet other sites allow full access. Well, I'm giving in because it's all over the interflab and you Filmstalker readers can't be missing out can you?

So you can see the trailer for Lions for Lambs over at Moviefone through Hollywood Elsewhere, and if you're outside the US or Canada then try and find a proxy to fake it...or let's see if we can find it on a less restrictive site.

Lions for Lambs is written by Matthew Michael Carnahan and directed by Robert Redford who also stars, alongside him there's the great talents of Tom Cruise, Meryl Streep, Michael Peña and Peter Berg. It weaves seemingly unconnected stories together ranging from injured troops in Afghanistan to a Senator battling the press.



Isn't that publicity photo from Out of Africa?

No I'm pretty sure it's from the Horse Whisperer.


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