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Lovecraft, Doyle, Houdini and Laveau fight demons

TheArcanum.jpgThe Arcanum is a novel by Thomas Wheeler (Amazon.com) which tells the story of a group of more than famous occult investigators in 1919, comprising of Arthur Conan Doyle, Harry Houdiini, H.P. Lovecraft and Marie Laveau is being made into a film.

The story tells of how they fight demonic creatures that are attacking New York City, one of whom is a serial killer of angels, now that sounds rather interesting. The production company behind the deal, Gold Circle films, have said through Variety that they see this as a potential franchise.

The author is also writing the screenplay, so at least his ideas and message behind the novel will remain intact to that point. There's no word yet on a director.

This era mixed with the fantasy and occult themes is one that would draw me right in, and if it is as good as the blurb suggests then it could make for a good film. Shades of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen perhaps?



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