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McLean's Rogue trailer online

MichaelVartan.jpgThe latest trailer for the much missed Rogue is online. This is the film from the Writer and Director Greg McLean who brought us the excellent Wolf Creek (Filmstalker review) which tells the story of a tour group who encounter a man eating crocodile in the Australian outback.

Yeah, that's what I thought when I read about Rogue, and since then things haven't really spiced up. Sure there's Radha Mitchell, Michael Vartan and Sam Worthington in the film, but the clips and blurbs I've seen for it haven't really been that exciting, and that's a shame considering what Greg McLean brought us on Wolf Creek.

Now the trailer is out and I can't say anything has changed. It seems more like a montage of images than a real trailer. What do you think? For me there's no building of tension, characters or story, just flashes of images and that relenting music. It doesn't seem like a full trailer to me.

You can see the trailer over the page through Fangoria and HorrorMovies.ca. Here's the trailer...



Looks like just a teaser more than an actual trailer. There'll probably be a proper one later...

more Oz croc trailers! better?

new flick at blackwatermovie.com


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