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McTeigue to direct Bangkok 8 novels

JamesMcTeigue.jpgJames McTeigue is set to direct the first in a trilogy (surprise!) of books that have just been bought by Millenium Films. Bangkok 8 (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) is the first in a series by John Burdett.

The story is about Detective Sonchai Jitpleecheep who is assigned to investigate the murder of a US Marine. Jitpleecheep is one of the few officers who doesn't take bribes during his work and is a devout Buddhist. While investigating the murder scene one of the methamphetamine-laced snakes bites and kills his partner, and now he's out for revenge too. He's teamed up with an FBI agent and together they hunt through the streets of Bangkok and into the drug underworld.

It does remind me a little of Black Rain and Rising Son, however the idea is by far an over used one.

The story from Variety doesn't yet tell us if he's set to direct all the novels, however it does say that the intention is to adapt several of the books and film them all in Thailand.

This sounds an interesting project for him and his style, and this kind of atmosphere rich story has the potential to look great on screen. Has anyone read any of the novels?



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