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Miller and Owen adapt Chandler

CliveOwen.jpgFrank Miller and Clive Owen are teaming up on another project that isn't Sin City 2. Trouble is My Business is a Raymond Chandler novella will see Frank Miller adapting and Clive Owen starring, with Richard Brunton writing about it online.

According to Clive Owen himself, Miller is the perfect choice.

"Frank Miller knows more about noir than anyone I have ever met, and clearly the writing of Raymond Chandler has been an enormous influence on his life and his work...Miller adapting Chandler seemed like a perfect match."

The story promises to use a strong voiceover from Owen and keep in the style of film noir that is best suited for Chandler's private eye Philip Marlowe.

The story comes from Variety through IESB.

It's hard to find out what is actually in Trouble is My Business (Amazon.com / Amazon.co.uk), but it appears to be a collection of four short stories, Trouble is My Business, Finger Man, Goldfish and Red Wind.

How this will be handled by Miller I'm not sure. Will he go for a Sin City style of pulling together the stories under some sort of common narrative, or will he merge them into one? Perhaps even taking one of the stories as the feature. Time will tell, however it's clear that Owen is a strong choice for the noir character with the voiceover.

Only thing is, will this appear before the "honestly we're doing it" Sin City 2?



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