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Moore's Sicko trailer in quicktime

Sicko.jpgThere's a Quicktime trailer online for Sicko, Michael Moore's look into

You can see the trailer over at Apple Trailers [QT:Medium:iPod]

Whatever you think about Michael Moore you have to admit that the American health system isn't the best and it could well do with a gentle prod itself.

The question is if Sicko will court as much controversy as his other documentaries, and from some of the scenes on display I think it may well. This clip doesn't have the NHS reference in it, probably since it is meant for a much wider audience, but it does have a surprising reference to Guantanamo Bay where the health care is free.



A gentle prod???? We need to ram a red-hot poker...you get the idea. I'm interested to see this film even though I've never had the patience to watch any of Moore's previous films. He shows such contempt for any opinion other than his own that it's hard to take him seriously, but it sounds like he's done a bit better this time (at least from what I've heard). In a clip last night on Leno, he showed an interview with a woman who had an ambulance trip denied by insurance for not getting prior approval. Nevermind the fact that she was unconcious from a car wreck when loaded up. Sadly funny if you've dealt with U.S. insurance companies much.


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