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Murray and Jones in City of Ember

CityofEmber.jpgBill Murray and Toby Jones are set to star in the adaptation of the Jeanne DuPrau novel City of Ember (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) according to Variety.

Gil Kenan will direct and Caroline Thompson has adapted the novel. The story is about a place which was built a very long time ago to be totally self sufficient. Now though the food and power are running out and corruption is rife. Two children find an ancient parchment which could lead the way out of the city, something thought previously impossible. Can they find the route and will the people listen to them?

With Bill Murray and Toby Jones on board the cast is already starting to shape up well, and I'm glad that Murray isn't doing another romantic, mumbling role.

It also sounds an interesting tale, although I am drawn to the idea of M. Night Shyamalan's The Village. I hope that I've not just cracked onto the big reveal of the novel. In fact, don't I remember that there was an issue between this film and a French novel at the time? Could this be the connection, and could this be the story?



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