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Neill and Pearce in Australian murder film

SamNeill.jpgSam Neill, Guy Pearce, Miranda Otto, Rebedda Gibney and Justine Clarke are to star in How to Change in 9 Weeks, an Australian crime drama. Simone North is writing and directing her first time feature, but behind her is the talent of Sidney Lumet who is mentoring her.

The story is based on that of the fifteen year old Australian student Rachel Barber who went missing in Melbourne in 1999. It was later discovered that a former friend, Caroline Reid, had murdered her.

According to The Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon, Kate Bell and Ruth Murphy will play Barber and Reid respectively, both of these actresses are also newcomers. Sam Neill and Rebecca Gibney will play the parents of Caroline Reid while Guy Pearce and Miranda Otto will play Barber's parents.

I have little knowledge of the actual events, but just from the brief description I think it's clear that How to Change in 9 Weeks be an emotional film that will no doubt stir up past events and feelings for all concerned.



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