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New Rescue Dawn trailer online

RescueDawn.jpgThere's a new trailer online for Rescue Dawn, a film that is promising a stunning performance from Christian Bale in the Werner Herzog film of a terrifyingly true story of survival.

Christian Bale plays a US fighter pilot shot down over Laos on his first mission, a secret mission that no one is allowed to talk about. So once he's shot down, he's left in the jungle. He's captured by the Viet-Cong and placed in a prison camp with prisoners who have been there for years, suffering torture and abuse. So he decides to escape, and to take the other prisoners with him.

So far Rescue Dawn has been getting very strong reviews, and although the previous trailer didn't show us anything really new, it did have a lot of promise. It did feel a little all-American in places and perhaps over sentimental, but the words being said about Bale and Steve Zahn are very encouraging.

This new trailer [QT:Dload], through Twitch, is looking stronger than the previous and does look like this would be a film worth catching. Twitch also have a couple of reviews that might be worth reading if you're interested in the film.

I certainly am. Although this kind of story has been told, this is based on actual events, so instantly the impact of the film is raised. What is more attractive to me though are the performances being described by the two leads, and the writing and direction of Werner Herzog.



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