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Update: New Transformers clip with more Bumblebee and in HD

Transformers.jpgSee, the clips don't stop coming today as a new Transformers TV advert arrives online with brand new footage onboard.

The new advert, or commercial if you'd prefer, is right here for your viewing pleasure. Although I can't see it right now /Film tell me that it features Bumblebee speaking.

So I'm going to rely on you to have a look at the clip and tell us what you think, more specifically tell me what the new footage is!

I'm really getting excited about Transformers now…how about you, are you over the anti-Transformers and anti-Michael Bay talk?

Update: 02/06/2007 Now Michael Bay has released the same clip but in HD. You can see it over at The Transformers Movie site [QT:HD] through Michael Bay's blog.

Transformers TV Trailer 5-29-07 Bumblebee Speaks!

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Yes, more footage, but it's not clear that it's Bumblebee speaking (the voice sounds like it could be Prime). There's no footage of the much discussed "lips" either.

I think this is the first time the Cube MacGuffin's been featured though.

It's still looking very cool though; definitely my most wanted this summer. I love the last line of the ad too, reminds me of Lost Boys.

I can't believe I know and am going to say this, but Bumblebee doesn't talk in the movie because his voice box was destroyed before they got to Earth. He is the only autobot that doesn't talk, and in this TV spot, he just sort bleeps and bloops. The actual line "It's you and me" is almost certainly Optimus Prime.

That being said, as disinterested in this film as I am, I still remain a huge geek who knows shite like this.

Yeah the title is added in the MySpace code, I didn't even bother about whether he spoke or not, just that we saw more of him.

I've finally watched it though and it's got me going, despite that closing silly scene outside the bedroom window.

I continue to remain reserved. I have no doubt it will be a "classic" Bay action film...but I'm hoping the dialouge won't be too cheesy and that the action keeps a steady flow. I really would like to have a non-stop action flick. I'm afraid to feel excited, only to be let down.

What does excite me it seeing them transform, the transforming sound effect and the quick Optimus line which made me smile as childhood memories flashed in the back of my mind.


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