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New Transformers TV advert online

Transformers.jpgWell there's a new TV spot online for Transformers, and really it's a bit underwhelming. I know, I should be hyping this up and attracting visitors, but come on I can't lie to you.

This features more of the same, the chase sequence on the road that we've already seen, and the addition of some close up transforms which are hard to see on the poor quality flash format. Oh, and there's some more footage of people talking, not really what we're after a glimpse of.

Still, this could get you more excited for the Transformers film, so I should put the video in the main post for you, which I've done. See for yourself.

Previously the footage was in higher quality formats, but that seems to have been pulled from everywhere. So get your flash Transformers while you can.

From YouTube through Empire.



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