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Nottingham gets big rewrite

RussellCrowe.jpgWhen I heard of the idea of an opposite look on the classic Robin of Sherwood story, entitled Nottingham, I wasn't that interested. Then I heard that it was going to look from the Sheriff's point of view and make him the good guy, and that Russell Crowe was starring with Ridley Scott onboard. Now things were heating up.

When I read that the writers were Ethan Reiff and Cyrus Voris, the writers of Sleeper Cell, I was starting to think that there was something really special in this and I wondered if it could get any more interesting.

Well it has, there's a rewrite going on and the man behind it is Brian Helgeland, the writer of Man on Fire, Mystic River and co-writer on L.A. Confidential - yes there are a few poor films on that list, but for the most part they are outweighed, and the script isn't always to blame. The news comes from The Hollywood Reporter through Yahoo News.

Looking at this line up it's surprising the amount of talent behind the script, and especially such a strange idea. The latest write up tells us that Russell Crowe is playing the Sheriff of Nottingham who is more a noble lawman than the evil henchman that is so often shown, here he's trying to bring the shady character of Robin Hood to justice.

I do think that this is going to step on the toes of many fans of original films, and those around Nottingham, but the whole premise and talent behind it is making it look appealing.



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