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Official Watchmen site for Rorschach live

Watchmen.jpgIt appears that the first site for the Zack Snyder directed adaptation of Watchmen is online, and the power of the marketing has begun with the arrival of Rorschach's Journal online.

The first Watchmen site contains the logo that Rorschach used in the Watchmen graphic novel and at the moment does nothing more than allow you to email through. It seems though that you might actually get a response.

Over at AICN they were sent an email from Rorshach himself, and when they decided to email back, in their normal style, Rorschach emailed them back stating that he had them on his list. A further email of abuse resulted in a simple "hurmph" from the character.

So it seems that Zack Snyder has begun the marketing for the Watchmen film, and already we're closer than we ever have been to seeing a proper Watchmen film in cinemas. Head over there and send him an email yourself to see what kind of response you get.



I posted some research I did into that site over at


Basically to me it looks like that site is just another one run by the same people who run TheOneRing.net

A friend linked me to your site. Thanks for the details.


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