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Oldman developing film of first Siamese Twins

ChangandEng.jpgGary Oldman is developing a film about the world's first cojoined twins, Chang and Eng.

According to the reports, the film will be a fictionalised version of a biography about their lives. They were born in Thailand, then called Siam, and traveled the world as a curiosity.

The story in Starpulse News Blog from WENN says that Gary Oldman has been working on the project for some eighteen months and is planning to start filming later this year.

The twins were joined at the sternum by a piece of cartlidge and also had fused livers, however they had independent livers and could have been separated with modern surgery. They were taken on a world tour by the British merchant Robert Hunter who had a contract with them for a whole year. In 1839, after the termination of their contract they settled in the US and started a successful plantation in North Carolina.

What's more interesting is that in later years they married sisters and fathered ten and twelve children between them. The sisters argued at one point and moved to separate households, forcing the twins to spend three days alternating at each house.

It's a very strange tale for Oldman to tackle, and it does come as a bit of a surprise, it isn't really something I would have thought to have seen from him. Yet it does raise my interest. With Oldman in charge it could turn out to be something a little bit off kilter but very strong.



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