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Patrick Stewart in modern Merchant of Venice

PatrickStewart.jpgPatrick Stewart is planning on bringing a new Merchant of Venice film to the big screen, and he secured the talents of screenwriter John Logan for free, and over an argument no less.

Since his Star Trek and X-Men days Patrick Stewart been spending a lot of time on stage, returning to Shakespeare with whom he started his career. However he was having an argument with John Logan about the play, The Merchant of Venice, and Logan described it as a "loathsome play".

"I spent half an hour arguing the contrary...He said, Would you like it if I started working on a screen project for nothing?' He earns about $2 million a project, so I thought it was a decent offer.

The news comes from The Argus through Coming Soon.

Well argued there Stewart! The upshot is that they came up with a script that he is producing and starring in, and will see the Merchant of Venice story updated to modern day Los Vegas, a fitting place for a story of greed, money, sex, love and corruption.

With Stewart carrying the great Shakespearean skills of his career with him and Logan being the writer of such films as The Aviator, the superb The Last Samurai, Gladiator and the upcoming Sweeney Todd, I think this could well be an exciting film to watch out for.

I'm a sucker for Shakespearean adaptations done well, and I do think that Kenneth Branagh is the undisputed champion in this area, so we'll have to see if he can match him, and beat him.



Speaking of Merchant of Venice, did you see the last adaptation with Al Pacino as Shylock Richard?


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