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Paul Thomas Anderson's There Will Be Blood trailer online

CiarinHinds.jpgPaul Thomas Anderson's There Will Be Blood has a trailer online. Yes, I was like that too so I had a little read up about it.

Paul Thomas Anderson is of course the talent that brought us such films as Boogie Nights and Magnolia, both of which are cracking films.

His latest is There Will Be Blood which is the story about, well let me quote the IMDB blurb directly for this one:

...about family, greed, religion, and oil, centered around a turn-of-the-century Texas prospector (Daniel Day-Lewis) in the early days of the business.

Yes, it stars Daniel Day-Lewis and Ciarán Hinds, of course there's plenty more talent, but those two are the names that leap out at me immediately.

Now the trailer is a little confusing, as it really doesn't give us anything. There are some nice images but the real thing is the voiceover and music. Combined together these give the film a dark and broody feel to it, something that might be rather interesting. Personally the subject matter isn't that interesting to me, but I'm sure the Anderson magic will bring something different to it.

The trailer is right here in the main story, see what you think.

The trailer comes from YouTube through AICN



This looks amazing too. AHH!!

Don't forget Paul Dano. This kid is going to be huge, very soon.

Richard! I can't stop laughing here reading the caption on Ciaran Hinds' photo - the eyes does have it! ;)


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